• The history of Hackit


    From mother's home-made pizza to the whole of Norway's kitchen utility.

    It was my mother who gave me the idea


    We had eaten pizza long before it became the people's Saturday night favorite.

    My older brothers' friends became solid fixtures every Saturday to my great despair, it was always empty before I was satisfied.


    Poor mother - she ended up making pizza for half the village. It was probably not that easy to treat and finely chop the meat so that it got the right consistency.

    It was indeed the secret to the great popularity as well as her heavenly sauce.


    Even though I was young at the time, I saw how my mother worked with the meat dough. She honored that it should be airy, tasteful - and properly cooked.


    After many years as a pizza enjoyer, I have now taken over as a food master in my own family...


    That's probably the reason why I've made progress on an idea I've had a long time.


    I've almost caused myself harm with all these visits to stores to find something similar - but there is nothing in the shelves here in Norway.


    Hackit is a unique solution - strange nobody has thought of a tool specially designed for chopping minced meat! Hackit, the tool you did not know you were needed.


    Now, here it is, ready for your home!


    Regards Vegard Ervaag

    We call it the "Hackit"


    Quite simple, and straightforward!


    With the help of industry designer Hans Kotthaus in CCD AS and Masterchef Erling Sundal, we have the obvious solution ready.

    "We simply call it the "Hackit"


    Erling Sundal